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It is released on movie "recollection" May 6!

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Than movie "recollection"

Than movie "recollection"

Village Kamiozawamachi of fence between locations

Village Kamiozawamachi of fence between locations

Machino town national at location time (time nation)

Machino town national at location time (time nation)

Wajima City in location! Movie "recollection"

 It is this product "recollection" that gold combination of shooting, Daisaku Kimura works together with supervision, Yasuo Kohata who sent masterpiece of many Japanese movies off in the life after an interval of nine years, and challenge.
 Junichi Okada that it boasts of national popularity from the solid performance to make the lead with product now. For costarring, luxurious actors on behalf of Shun Oguri, Yu Emoto, Masami Nagasawa, Ayano Kimura, Sakura Ando, Japan such as Hidetaka Yoshioka gathered.

Shooting was carried out in Ishikawa, Toyama. Even Wajima City is photographed how,
Nation (time nation), lounge of the inn eight tide, Class Ueda warehouse, village of fence between upper Osawa became location of shooting at time.
Please look at in movie theater!

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

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 Three people of childhood friend who achieved reencounter in detective, victim, form called suspect triggered by one murder case after an interval of 25 years. - - - which the life that each has family and walked mixes again, and begins to turn destined gear.
 Shooting was carried out around the ground of Hokuriku that was full of taste. Wild; scenery which shook soul of thing which watched including setting sun which set in Sea of Japan which tried to be, cityscape which faced Tateyama mountain range, village, Noto Peninsula of beautiful interval fence was printed by screen.

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