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Kanji of Wajima, reading how

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Reading of is like that!

Reading of is like that!

We read this in this way.

There is a lot of charm in Wajima! A lot of kanjis are ... by just that much, too.
There! We feature reading of kanji of Wajima very much here!

[vowel series]
・Ebisu scheme (Ebisu grows on) January 10, November 20
 Shinto ritual to pray for security of fishery to be carried out in Shinto shrine in front of Wajima.

・Okutsu ratio me Shrine (okitsuhimejinja)
 Okutsu ratio me Shrine of Ama-cho enshrined in Hegurajima where there are a lot of women divers.

・Saturday and Sunday third in gasandomeguriko (gazandojunkou) April
 Event to walk mountain path of approximately 13 villages (50km) linking Hakui-shi (vomit let you be) eikoji (yokouji) to *jiji of Monzen-cho, Wajima-shi.

・Gold storehouse many lamps society (when kana does not get dizzy, we starve) August 16
 We turn on light of 30,000 and, in the Konzoji (konzoji) outskirts and footpath between rice fields, direct fantastic space.

・The gojinjo-daiko(traditional drum to wear demon mask) (gojinjodaiko) late April and late November
 Powerful drum which soaks strangeness side, and rings war drum. We carry out free demonstration.

[sa line]
・Shiroyone-senmaida (rice terrases)
 Superb view point that field of 1,004 pieces affects towards the Sea of Japan. "Glitter of ridge carries out illuminations event in winter, too".

・Sosogi (flow into)
 Town of Wajima City. Pocket park nearby has sightseeing spot called "window rock", and setting sun arriving through window rock can consider scene shining in the letter of radiation if lucky.

[ta line]
・Waterfall (slack cook) of Tarumizu
 Waterfall in Wajima City and flat border of Suzu-shi (we do bell). At drop approximately 30m, phenomenon that water does not fall is seen while being waterfall on day when wind is strong.

・Man and woman waterfall (we want to lick)
 Waterfall which prefectural road linking Monzen-cho to Kamiozawamachi is along. State that two waterfalls are put together with one and flow is like close couple.

[ma line]
・Sunday latest on banzai paradise (comic dialogue with registering) February 12, February 25
 Festival in celebration of crop of crop of autumn field and field.

・Appearance beginning of the year (noodles father who does not sleep) January 14, 20th
 Good luck charm Shinto ritual of the new year to reach Wajimazakimachi for a long time.


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