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We plow town in Wajima globefish! (we updated store information)[Friday, September 22, 2017]
It is number one in Japan consecutively for nature globefish fish catches five years!
Glitter of shiroyone-senmaida(rice terraces) ridge[Wednesday, September 20, 2017]
Omasum field illuminations, period decision!
Under glitter "hotarubito" of Wajima, shiroyone-senmaida(rice terraces) ridge offer! [Thursday, August 31, 2017]
Illuminations event to color night omasum field is "glitter of ridge" and recruits volunteers establishing pettobotaru.
The 53rd kaigasandomeguriko[Friday, August 25, 2017]
Walk to remember great achievement of *jiji 2 sogasan
Festival 2017 holding is decided in Wajima! [Thursday, August 24, 2017]
We do it this year! We enshrine in Wajima!
Village road race in Wajima of the tenth Zen[Tuesday, August 22, 2017]
Japanese top racers gather and run through Monzen-cho!
Village walk of the second Noto Heike[Monday, August 21, 2017]
Let's walk Sosogi, Maura, the Nie shore while enjoying sound of wave, incense of the tide!
May we fly drone in Sodegahama, duck ka ura? (we include photography)[Wednesday, August 9, 2017]
As Sodegahama, duck ka ura are densely populated districts, permission of director at local airline is necessary.
The sixth wajima village forest village Sea Festival held decision! [Friday, August 4, 2017]
It is advantageous if we come! Please fully enjoy blessing of village forest village Sea!
Summer when is the best at Sodegahama beach! Camping is possible, too! [Friday, July 21, 2017]
In hot summer to the sea of Wajima!
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