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There is "all" nine information.

Q. May we fly drone in Sodegahama, duck ka ura? (we include shooting) [Wednesday, August 9, 2017]
A. As Sodegahama, duck ka ura are densely populated districts, permission of director at local airline is necessary.
Q. I want tourist brochure of Wajima City, what should I do?  [Monday, June 6, 2016]
A. I would like inquiry toward "Wajima City government office Tourism Division" or "wajima tourist information center". 
Q. We want to withdraw money, is there ATM?  [Friday, March 25, 2016]
A. As there is ATM which opens on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, don't worry.
Q. Even if it snows in winter, is there morning market?  [Tuesday, February 9, 2016]
A. There is morning market very much unless we have large snow!
Q. How should we go to Wajima?  [Tuesday, February 9, 2016]
A. Bus leaves from Kanazawa!
Q. Is there sightseeing spot winning record of wins and losses of Michelin in Wajima?  [Tuesday, February 9, 2016]
A. There is!
Q. Is there means of transportation in Wajima?  [Tuesday, February 9, 2016]
A. Community bus "noranke bus" going around the Wajima city is convenient.
Q. Is use of winter rent-a-car and car all right?  [Wednesday, April 13, 2011]
A. It becomes snow tire for the winter season, but you make snow tire about car by all means, and come.
Q. How much is mean temperature of Wajima?  [Wednesday, April 13, 2011]
A. We greatly push out in the Sea of Japan and are easy to be affected by periodic wind of heat and cold, and, therefore, seasonal change becomes clear.


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