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The 53rd kaigasandomeguriko

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Walk to remember great achievement of *jiji 2 sogasan

Mountain path of approximately 13 villages (50km) linking glory temple of Hakui-shi to monzencho*jiji.
gasanzenshi which served as the chief priest of both temples from rekio three years (1340),
Innards are said to be way which came and went more than 20 years.

By mountain path of 13 villages (approximately 53km) binding both temples which came and went in more than 20 year from 1340 (Ryakuo 3) when *jiji 2 sogasan** (joseki) reverend served as the chief priest of *jiji of Monzen-cho and eikoji (yokouji) of Sakaimachi, Hakui-shi together, reverend is early in the morning every morning, and gasando is informed by morning sutra-chanting of *jiji mattins of eikoji across work, steep, rugged way of 13 villages when we got ready.

gasandomeguriko remembers great achievement of this gasanzenshi and is event to walk while enjoying gasando. Everybody, please participate at this opportunity.

[the date] On Saturday, October 14, 2017, it is Sunday for 15 days

[holding place] It is monzencho*jiji from hanesakushieikoji

[entrance fee] 8,500 yen (road according to the hotel charges) 

[the application deadline] It must arrive by Friday, September 22, 2017

[application destination]

Travel A trip salon Wajima (Governor of Ishikawa registration travel agency second class 169)


 7-37, Takudamachi, Wajima-shi shoppingusentafamii

 TEL: 0768-22-8891 FAX: 0768-22-7144




 6-69, Monzenmachihashiride, Wajima-shi Monzen, Wajima-shi general branch office Community Promotion Section

 TEL: 0768-42-1111 FAX: 0768-42-0594

※ Apply after checking offer essential point of lower part attached file.


Period 2017/10/14 - 2017/10/15
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