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Festival 2017 holding is decided in Wajima!

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The last update date:  Thursday, August 24, 2017  16:38 contents ID: 101-1-1613
Crab crab crab!

Crab crab crab!

Steamed length!

Steamed length!

Crab Festival state

Crab Festival state

We do it this year! We enshrine in Wajima!

Eat up Ishikawa brand kano queen crabs which were just lifted the ban on!
We worship for event to tell winter arrival of Noto Wajima!
We can eat brand kano queen crab (queen crab) lifted the ban on in November!
Female is said to be incense box crab, and Uchiko, Sotoko are delicious!

※We update as soon as the event details are decided.

[event contents]
●Eating and drinking corner
・Crab stew, crab meal, grilled crab
・Drink sale
●Char-grilling corner
・It is the already best we burn thing which we bought on the spot, and to eat!

・Every year very popular "crab fishing!"
 The time limit is free to catch for 500 yen once! As wooden stand for placing tableware on is plan of behaving in a way, to hasten!
・Gojinjo-daiko(traditional drum to wear demon mask) demonstration

●Lottery corner
・We can participate in lottery that luxurious premium may be toward the purchase more than 3,000 yen!
※We issue lottery ticket only by fishermen's cooperative association direct marketing booth.

●Product sales corner
・Boil live queen crab; queen crab
・Spot sale society of products of the district article for sale

The date and time: Sunday, November 19, 2017
Place: Malin town special event space
※Barbecue corner becomes general seating seat


Period 2017/11/19 - 2017/11/19
Holding place Malin town special event space
Contact information Noto wajima sea story executive committee 0768-22-1485

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