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Recommendation course

Oh, "it is rare" ... nde; daily enjoyment course

Go with car on foot; "is rare", and is enjoyment course on visiting locations day.

"It is rare" chokkoshi; Wajima morning course

Go by car; "is rare", and is half day course over location in the morning.

"It is rare" chokkoshi; Wajima afternoon course

Go by car; "is rare", and is course in half day in the afternoon around location.

Sightseeing in downtown! Unhurried walk course

Road station Wajima leaves visit to dream aimlessly and goes around around downtown.
As morning market is open according to the name only in the morning, please be careful!

We overlook the Sea of Japan! We enjoy mountain path! Natural bodily sensation course

After having gone round famous spots of city outstanding cherry tree, we guide to famous place where beach and strangely shaped rocks which can overlook the Sea of Japan via Malin town form a line.


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